Thank you so much for all the help you’ve given. Most private college coaches are offering online sessions.

It is a good idea to start working on it over the summer to reduce senior year stress.

Check and review the paper you get and if you have any question - let us know, we appreciate any feedback you give us. From a parent who has been through the process, I felt that the summer before her senior year was ample time to develop a strong essay; however, the advice Cynthia provided during the earlier years was invaluable. She helped him to create a plan for his application statements that highlighted his unique personality and showcased his talents. Great grades (3.8 GPA), but not strongly focused on science or AP classes and with limited extracurricular activities. Sarah and she discussed each essay prior to my daughter writing a detailed outline, and she gave very specific direction as to next steps after each meeting. Jamie was a huge help throughout this process, and really took most of the stress out of it. My high-school junior would like to get started on college application essays this summer and we're wondering whether it's worthwhile to enroll in one of the essay-writing workshops that various coaches seem to offer for brainstorming and writing sessions, whether the money is better spent hiring a coach to work with the student one-on-one, or whether anyone in this area still goes it alone (perhaps with the help of a good guidebook or website). Worked very easily thru Skype/phone/email. Carol M. Hi, My daughter is now a senior. Lesley totally got what our daughter wanted to convey and worked gently and insightfully, making suggestions that allowed her to develop her story and convey both her experience and her personality without feeling as if she were losing her voice or her control; her essays remained her own in every way. They worked primarily through phone and email -- perfect given how busy high school seniors are. Here is Courtney's recommendation: My name is Courtney, and I am a freshman at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon (go Pioneers! APerez Eric K. I highly recommend Sarah Shankman in Berkeley as a college essay coach. We are not chasing money and popularity, as lots of companies do. Please fill out form as more detailed and accurate as you can. Having experienced third party help also relieved some stress for my husband and me during the admissions process. She did not write any part of his essay -- it all came from him, inspired by her calm and thoughtful support. Monica helped my daughter write a successful essay that reflected her personal experience and voice while ensuring the application requirements were met. She is highly organized but what has really kept her in our minds is the way that she inspired our son and got writing out of him that surprised all of us, him included. Anyway, thanks for the great work, you are truly a wordsmith and a special talent!

Do not ever doubt we can help you improve your grades and academic performance. Jamie was right. Her number is 524-8697 and she also has a website: Both kids got into their first choice schools. Her email is macleodphd [at] My older son received help from a former U.C. I was able to drastically improve my Stanford application in a matter of 5 hours!" Knowing I had an expert there to help, and wasn't doing this on my own, also greatly reduced my stress levels.

You will be reassured after contacting Carla at simplycarlacastillo [at] It was truly a pleasure working with her, and you're lucky to have someone with her level of expertise on your staff. you can find out more about lesley on her website: I highly recommend Jamie Keller. She provides only this service.

Lamorinda Parent, Our daughter worked with Lesley Quinn (525-4104). My question is does anyone know a coach or specialist doing this work online? The quality is just amazing, I'm happy. • Tax ID: 46-4347971, About BPN • Contact BPN • Credits • Terms of Use, Connecting Bay Area families online since 1993, Daycares & Preschools with Current Openings, Parent Classes, Workshops & Groups with Openings, Advice about Classes, Camps, Groups, & Tutors. Monica Ng Muller can be reached at monica1201 [at] or 510-282-3273. The whole process had a 'rites of initiation' kind of significance, and he was highly motivated to do revisions for her to get them just so. Happy Dad, Jamie Keller helped my daughter Jasmin on her college application essays last year. That is why you get quality assistance and fast online support. kathy, I would like to recommend Drew Lau-Regent in the Oakland/Berkeley area as a coach for college essays.

AM, I have a wonderful person to recommend for help with personal essays specifically college or graduate school application essays.

Thanks! If you hire a college consultant, you can have the tutor collaborate with the consultant. You won't be sorry! My daughter got excellent help there. Any Topic or Difficulty can be handled! I can't thank you enough for all your guidance and support in the process.

Katie loved working with Sarah and found the process very comfortable and positive. Happy mom/ successful senior, We used Lesley Quinn ( for help on our daughter's essays and she was great. Sign me up for the Top Tier Admissions Newsletter!

Monica has over 10 years teaching and tutoring experience, including work at the UC Berkeley Student Learning Center and Summer Bridge Programs, UC Berkeley's Early Academic Outreach Program and Pre-College Academy, and UC San Diego's OASIS Writing Program.

I know she feels better after working with you. She has a very easygoing way that accomplishes what needs to get done. relieved mom. Good luck! Her email address is: worddoc101 [at] She worked one on one both in person and through email and helped my daughter find a topic, organize her ideas and edit her final draft. em, I would like to recommend Jamie Keller for anyone looking for a writing coach. We just kind of stumbled into a wonderful experience for him (and us). This is what I really needed. She's not cheap, and she doesn't help identify the best colleges - her focus is just the essays - but she's kind, insightful, goal-oriented, encouraging, and best of all, our son loved working with her and he got everything done early (which was a miracle). Thank you so much for all your help with my application! The process went very smoothly, and I believe our daughter's writing skills improved along the way. Carla read his college application essays and gave thoughtful guidance. We talked to/worked with various college counselors, and we are all in total agreement that our best time and money spent was working with Sarah Shankman for our son's college essays. I am very happy with what I was able to produce!" Jamie was able to help her calm down and then guided her through the writing process which resulted in two wonderful essays. Jamie email address:jamiekeller1 [at] phone#(510)524-8697 mobile/(510)847-2505 work He's a very strong student but is a little shy and has anxiety about the college process. We are looking for someone who can help our son with his college essays. We felt this was very important for Katie to do on her own. A poorly executed essay can cause a stellar student to get rejected. Maybe a life coach (not a college essay coach) could be of help. If you think it is a good idea, then your recommendation for a good and yet affordable college essay coach is appreciated, too.

people out there who are better than you at what you do! We can't say enough great things about Debra's expert support and guidance, and we highly recommend her.

Thanks for all the support!" Erin is now a freshman at Vassar, and I am sure that her powerful essays were a major factor in her acceptance to the school.

We could not have made it through the process without Cynthia. NOTE: All students possess differing writing abilities. 1578 Milvia St Berkeley, CA sharon_rudnick [at] She helps with essays, applications, searching out the right schools, finding options, etc. She loves working with kids of all ages and is a fantastic writing tutor. Ideally I would like someone who can come to our house in Cupertino or within a reasonable driving distance (10 miles or so). DrewC,bs rates are reasonable because she has recently transitioned from technical writing in the corporate world where she excelled. The turnaround time was really fast which was an added bonus when up against deadlines. anon, I'd like to refer you to Kirsten Enriquez. We are so thankful for M. I think his support was key in T. getting her scholarship!"

Thank you so much." Personally, I think 1:1 advising works best to help students choose topics that can add the most value to one's application, as well as to bring out each student's authentic voice. How expensive is the service if it is limited to coaching the student with the essay? Once you pay the invoice, we send your order to the relevant and experienced writer to start the process of writing. She also enjoyed the process, and feels that she learned a great deal about herself and about writing along the way. Although it’s not over yet…. Lisa. Berkeley application reader, but she is no longer available.

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